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Membership Options

MNATIONS Hosting builds custom plans for every micronation. All plans come with some standard features for free and can be customized and expanded upon. Collaborate with your MNATIONS advisor to create the best pricing plan for your needs and budget.


Infinite Extensibility

MNATIONS Hosting is willing to work with you and/or your Information Technology and web hosting expert to develop and maintain the online services you care about.

Most of our plans are built in the infinitely customizable WordPress framework, where we can make great looking homepages, news presses, blogs, forums, and more! If your nation requires a custom software solution, we can implement it in our backend at great prices! Talk with your MNATIONS advisor for details.


Website Templates

Hundreds of WordPress Themes

We have hundreds of pre-installed themes in our library, and can install any of the thousands of themes upon request. We’re willing to work with you every step of the way so you can build a unique online presence.


Every Membership Includes

Free WordPress Themes

With hundreds of free themes to choose from, more available on demand, and tons of customization options, you can ensure your website has a unique look feel like no other. subdomain

Every website on the MNATIONS network comes with a free subdomain to kickstart your online presence. Custom domains available upon request.

First Class Customer Support

Our support experts are available via email and Discord and are ready to help fulfill your micronation’s online potential. Get in touch with our team today and discuss our services.

Updates and Analytics

Our installations are always completely up to date and free of known security issues. We also provide in depth analytics into the traffic on your sites so you can monitor your micronation.

Get Started Today

Get started today and build your website using all our free features! If you need any custom development, plugins, domains, etc. remember to get in touch with an MNATIONS representative to discuss the right direction for your online presence.

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